How Do You Get Money? Try Crowdfunding with GoFundMe


GoFundMe-Donation-Page-ExampleYou may ask yourself “How do you get money” to cover medical bills, “How do I get funding” for a mission trip, or “How do I raise capital” for my new business? If you are looking for ways to raise money, you should strongly consider crowdfunding as a solution.


In this post, I will explain what crowdfunding is and will walk you step-by-step through the crowdfunding process

Hidepad iPad VPN App – Protection & Anonymous Internet


Hidepad iPad VPN ProtectionHidepad is a virtual private network (VPN) which secures and protects your iPad from hackers and viruses. This iPad VPN app will protect you while surfing public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, airports, schools, or even work.


Hidepad iPad Public Wi-Fi Protection

If you use your iPad on public wireless networks, information travels wirelessly such as your email address, websites, and passwords. With just a few tools, snoopers can hijack this information in transit. Hidepad protects this information by encrypting all data that leaves your iPad.


Hidepad iPad Encryption & Security

Hidepad utilizes government-grade VPN encryption technology. Any information, email, website, or application your iPad sends, receives, or utilizes is secured with NSA standard 128/256 bit encryption. This is the same stuff your banks use to protect your valuable information.

Do Year End Performance Appraisal Reviews Matter?


Monkeys Love BananasWe are approaching year end which means many of us have to squeeze an entire year’s worth of projects, process improvements, cost/time saves, sales numbers, and  other items that contributed to “the bottom line” into a year end performance appraisal review. But does it matter?


I was at a happy hour with a few work colleagues the other night and something someone said made me chuckle.

Kiva Micro Loans vs American Red Cross Donations – Kiva WINS!


Kiva Micro Loans vs American Red Cross is better than the American Red Cross! Yep, I said it and now you can send me hate mail. Before you hit send, let me explain why I think Kiva micro loans are a better alternative in comparison to American Red Cross donations.