Reward Tag – Electronics & Toshiba Laptop Recovery


Reward Tag Lost Recovery ServiceI was at the mall the other day and saw a guy in the food court typing away on his laptop. He had placed the computer on the ledge while he ate and after receiving a call, he got up and left… without his laptop. As he walked by I pointed out he forgot his laptop and although he looked embarrassed, you could see the appreciation on his face.


I’m purely speculating that a good percentage of people these days will “pocket” a found device without trying to get it back in the hands of it’s rightful owner. Naturally, I “saw a need” and started to research whether a lost and found recovery service existed. I came across Reward Tag, a recovery service for lost and stolen electronics.


Squidoo Is Closing It’s Doors – Acquired by HubPages


Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages! Squidoo = decommissioned ☹


HubPages Acquiring Squidoo


Squidoo was a community led social platform that allowed users (aka squids) to create pages (aka lenses) for subjects of interest to them. These pages were essentially mini-blogs, where each lens could be dedicated to a particular topic. Squids were allowed to add products and advertising to their lenses, and they had the option to “cash out” or donate their profits to charity.


Wireless AC Router & Cable Modem Combo – Motorola SBG6782-AC Review


Motorola Surfboard Extreme SBG6782-AC Wireless AC Cable Modem Combo ReviewHave you heard of the new wireless AC routers? They are blazing fast and come with a slew of features like beamforming, MoCA, multiple bands, and backwards compatibility with older Wireless G & N devices. We’ll get more into that later. For now, let’s simply say 802.11n routers are old news and 802.11ac is the new kid on the block now.