Stylish Art Fire Pit Buyers Guide

34 Art Fire Pits That Are Both Stylish And Functional (Buyer’s Guide)

Regular fire pits are boring, so add some style to your backyard with an art fire pit.

We scoured the internet to find the most stylish fire pits with great reviews.

This buyer’s guide will help you quickly identify the type and style of fire pit that is perfect for your individual needs.

Whether you are roasting smores with the kids, or having a romantic night with your partner, you will enjoy sitting around a fancy fire with these 34 art fire pit ideas.

What to look for in an outdoor fire pit

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an outdoor fire pit such as the quality, style, function, ongoing maintenance, and price.

The questions below will help you think through your “buying use case”, and selecting each of these components wisely will help you find the perfect fire pit while avoiding future surprises.

Quality, style, placement, and function

You will first need to determine the quality, style, placement, and functionality you require.

Quality is important. For example, do you want a fire pit that will last a lifetime, or do you only need something that will last a few winters?

For style, are you looking for a sleek modern fire pit to blend in with your outdoor furniture, or is more of a rustic look needed to match your ranch style home?

Regarding placement, will the fire pit be located in the corner of your yard, or will it be at the center of your patio surrounded by chairs? Will it be placed on a cement or stone surface, or on a wood deck?

Considering functionality, do you only plan to roast smores, or would you like the ability to cook directly on top of the fire pit? Do you have a gas line, or would you need to have one plumbed or buy separate gas tanks?

Maintenance and cleaning

Outdoor fire pits are generally easy to maintain and do not require extensive cleaning or ongoing maintenance.

However, you will want to consider a few things:

Total cost

Another important factor to consider when buying a fire pit is the total cost.

If you are buying a custom locally made fire pit, do you have a truck or trailer to pick it up? If not, what does the company charge for delivery and will you need need help with setup?

When purchasing a fire pit online, what is total price including shipping and handlingt? Will the fire pit come assembled, or will you need to put it together? What would setup cost?

Now that we have a set of criteria to consider when choosing a fire pit, the following sections of this guide will cover the different types and styles of fire pits.

Video with 15 fire pit ideas for small backyards.

Globe fire pits (sphere shaped)

Globe or sphere shaped fire pits are really unique looking.

During the day these globe fire pits look like pieces of art, and at night they turn into a magnificent night light as their design is projected to surrounding walls and objects.

The Esschert FF1012 wildlife model is a wood burning full globe fire pit with beautifully laser cut trees and animals.

If you are looking for something a little less rustic, the Esschert FF1018 garden model has a clean design with foliage and butterflies.

The Firepit Art third rock model takes the fire pit globe very literally with its design that looks like earth. This model is a natural gas match lit fire pit that comes with a rain drain to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Esschert Design FF1012 Globe Fire Pit
Esschert Design FF1012 Globe Fire Pit
Esschert Design FF1018 Fire Pit Globe
Esschert Design FF1018 Fire Pit Globe
Fire Pit Art Third Rock Natural Gas Fire Pit
Fire Pit Art Third Rock Natural Gas Fire Pit

The base separates from the rest of the globe to simplify cleaning, and they are made from thick steel and should last a lifetime.

Cheap fire pit globe options

If you want the look of a fire pit globe without the high price tag, a cheaper alternative is the Briarglen Fire Ball model made by Hampton Bay.

The large door and extra large handle make loading logs a simple task.

With a porcelain fire bowl, this fire ball is easy to clean and will last for years.

The NACH FF400 model is also another great looking spherical fire pit.

Its striped design almost looks like an optical illusion.

This is a pretty fire pit that has more of an elegant vs. rugged look.

Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball Fire Pit
Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball Fire Pit
NACH FF400 Fire Pit
NACH FF400 Ball Shaped Fire Pit

What are the benefits of fire pit globes?

There are two main benefits to sphere shaped fire pits.

  1. The appearance is both unique and rare. Very few big box stores carry this style of fire pit, so you can be assured it is unlikely anyone in your area will have one that looks similar.
  2. Sphere shaped fire pits are enclosed. This reduces or completely prevents large embers and fiery debris from escaping and causing an unintentional fire. Having a fully enclosed fire pit is especially useful for those that live in areas with windy conditions.

What people are saying

  • Globe fire pits are easy to put together but assembly can be awkward due to their weight (around 50lbs depending on the model).
  • Do not put out the fire using water as this could distort the metal. Use a fire smother blanket instead.
  • The fire globe is made of steel and will rust when exposed to the elements, so make sure to use the included cover or a tarp when not in use.
  • For the wood burning models, multiple reviews mention converting these fire pits to natural gas by adding plumbing and colored glass.

Open bowl fire pits

Fire pit bowls tend to be the most popular as they have a simple design and clean look.

The Scallops model from Fire Pit Art is a beautiful 3 foot wood burning fire pit with a wave design.

Scallops Fire Pit Art Wood Burning
Scallops Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you want a fire pit bowl that looks more like a piece of furniture, check out the Elementi Lunar Bowl liquid propane concrete fire table.

Elementi Lunar Bowl Liquid Propane Concrete Fire Table
Elementi Lunar Bowl Liquid Propane Concrete Fire Table

Ohio Flame’s Liberty model is a wood burning fire pit that comes in various sizes and is made in the USA.

Liberty Fire Pit Made In USA
Liberty Fire Bowl Made In USA

The Fire Pit Art Bella Luna model has a unique design reminiscent of Saturn and is built to endure all weather conditions.

Bella Luna Natural Gas Fire Pit By Fire Pit Art
Bella Luna Natural Gas Fire Pit From Fire Pit Art

Extra large fire pit

If you have the space, an extra large fire bowl will stand out as the center piece in any setting.

The huge 6 foot fire pit art Asia natural gas fire pit bowl will make a dramatic statement with its modern sleek design.

Fire Pit Art Asia Model Extra Large Fire Pit
6 Foot Asia Fire Pit Art extra large fire bowl.

Cheap fire pit bowl option

While custom made fire pit bowls have unique designs, you can easily buy an inexpensive fire bowl with a similar look and feel.

An example of a cheap fire bowl that has a stylish design is this large fire pit ball from Sunnydaze.

Sunnydaze Open Sphere Fire Pit Ball
Sunnydaze Open Sphere Fire Pit Ball

Table top fire pits (use indoors)

Table top fire pits provide a modern alternative to sitting around a campfire.

They do not require cleaning or maintenance, and the best part is they can be used indoors as they do not give off noxious fumes.

Tabletop fire pits have a real flame so use caution and common sense when using these fire pits indoors.

The Regal Flame Veranda model is a portable tabletop bio ethanol fire pit with two safety glasses that surround the floating fire. It uses ventless ethanol fuel and can be used indoors.

Veranda Ventless Indoor Tabletop Firepit
Regal Flame Veranda Indoor Tabletop Firepit

Betorcy’s tabletop indoor fire pit has a wood grain finish and is dual fuel, meaning you can use gel fuel cans or ethanol alcohol.

Betorcy Tabletop Dual Fuel Indoor Fire Pit
Betorcy Tabletop Dual Fuel Indoor Fire Pit

No smoke fire pits

Everybody loves the smell of burning wood, but nobody enjoys stinging eyes and coughing caused by smoke.

What is a smokeless fire pit?

Smokeless fire pits are specially designed to significantly reduce and redirect smoke emitted to enhance your outdoor experience.

The 25″ low smoke fire pit from Tiki has won multiple awards. Its air flow system is patented and comes with an ash pan for easy cleaning.

Tiki Low Smoke Fire Pit
Tiki Low Smoke Fire Pit

Solo Stove is a pioneer in no smoke fire pits. Their stainless steel model looks great and performs even better.

No Smoke Fire Pit From Solo Stove
No Smoke Fire Pit From Solo Stove

Fire pit furniture and chimneys

Dining table fire pits are a great way to blend a fire feature in with your outdoor décor.

Below are several examples of fire pit furniture, some containing a fire pit surrounded by chairs and others having an integrated fire pit table.

If you already have outdoor furniture, a chimney fire pit (aka chimenea) is a great way to add a fire feature to almost any setting.

Chimeneas usually only have 180 degrees of access, so they are best to place against a wall or corner instead of at the center of your patio furniture.

Quick tip: Remember to use chimenea’s alternate spelling of ‘chiminea’ when searching for a fire pit chimney online. This will ensure your search returns all product listings that may only use one spelling vs. the other.

Fire pits by material, shape, and style

Fire pits have traditionally been made made from stacked stones or steel and were in the shape of a square or bowl.

Nothing fancy, and there were few options to accommodate personal styles and tastes.

Today’s fire pits are much different and come in different materials, shapes, and styles.

By material

Fire pits are made of everything from stone and concrete to metal and marble.

As mentioned in the total cost section above, unless you find a local craftsman you should consider the shipping weight if you plan to buy a fire pit online.

For example, imitation stone is significantly lighter than natural stone, so an imitation stone fire pit will cost less to ship and will not incur freight related charges.

If you have a custom made marble fire pit imported from Italy, be prepared to pay import and freight charges as well as hiring a crew to assist with moving the heavy firepit it to its final destination.

By shape and style

You can buy a bowl or square shaped fire pit, but if you are looking for something funky take a look at the hexagon and triangle fire pit examples below.

If you prefer something more traditional, check out this square art deco style fire pit.

Functional and deep firepits

Fire pits become functional when you can use them for more than a pretty center piece that provides warmth.

There is a fire pit that will fit your needs whether you want to cook on a fire pit or create a bonfire experience, or both!

Fire pits you can cook on

Combine the warmth and smore roasting abilities of a fire pit with a grill, and now you have a multi functional fire pit.

Similar to the difference between cooking with propane and charcoal, you will achieve a different taste by cooking over a wood burning fire pit.

This is especially true depending on the type of wood you use.

Below are several examples of fire pits you can cook on.

Extra deep fire pits

Deep fire pits have an advantage in that they tend to hold more wood and help shelter the base of the fire from the wind.

People that own deep fire pits also point out that they like how the flames are at eye level with the those around the fire.

Fire pit accessories and parts

The type of fire pit you buy will determine the media, accessories, and parts available to create or improve your outdoor experience.

After finding the perfect fire pit, the sections below will help you think through other items you may need.

It is also suggested to buy your fire pit and the bare essentials and actually use the fire pit a few times before purchasing other accessories.

Fire pit media

Fire pit media, or what you put at the base of your fire bit, can be as simple as sand for wood burning fire pits, or beautiful colored glass for gas fire pits.


  • Fire pit sand
  • Lava rocks
  • Colored glass jewels
  • Cement or ceramic fire balls
  • Magical flame logs (technically not media, but they are fun).

Review a full list of fire pit media on amazon.

Fire Pit Jewels
Fire Pit Jewels
Logs That Create Colorful Flames
Logs That Create Colorful Flames

Fire pit accessories

Accessories for fire pits can widely range from wood storage racks to wind guards and fire rugs.

Again, the type of fire pit you purchase will determine the type of fire pit accessories available .


  • Wood storage rack
  • Fire smother blanket and fire rugs
  • Wind guard
  • Fire pit cover
  • Adjustable grates, lids, and metal covers
  • Spark screen
  • Ash scoop, wood poker, tongs

Review a full list of fire pit accessories on amazon.

Firewood Holder Storage Rack
Firewood Holder Storage Rack
Stainless Steel Fire Pit Screen
Stainless Steel Fire Pit Screen

DIY fire pit kits, tools, and parts

You can build a simple DIY fire pit by digging a hole surrounded by concrete blocks, or create a basic raised fire pit with a fire ring insert.

There are also DIY fire pit kits if you want to create a custom built-in gas fire pit (counter tops, poolside). Draw out your vision and make it a reality with fire pit kits, tools, and parts.


  • Fire ring inserts
  • Gas / propane fire kits
  • Tools (e.g. gas fire valve key)
  • Fire pit igniter

Review a full list of DIY fire pit kits, tools, and parts on amazon.

DIY Fire Pit Kit
DIY Fire Pit Kit
DIY Octagon Fire Ring Insert
DIY Octagon Fire Ring Insert

Fire pit manufacturers

It is best to contact a local craftsman for custom made fire pits, or if you need a fire pit built to match your existing yard hardscape.

Searching for terms such as “custom fire pits near me” and “local made fire pits” should pull back local fire pit fabricators in your area.

Below are a handful of popular fire pit manufacturers that are known for their semi-custom and artistic fire pits products.

Fire Pit Art
S&S Fire Pits
Seasons Fire Pits

Questions and Answers

Below are commonly asked fire pit related questions.

Do fire pits need to be cleaned?

Fire pits are fairly easy to maintain and do not require extensive cleaning or maintenance.

All fire pits should be wiped down regularly to prevent black soot from building up over time.

Gas fire pits should have the burners cleaned and inspected to ensure there are no gas leaks.

Wood burning fire pits will need to have the leftover ash removed, and some fire pits will have a separate ash trash which makes really makes cleanup a lot easier.

It is suggested to wait a day and cover the ashes with water to ensure no hot embers remain.

Most will suggest to scoop the ashes out and discard them in a metal can.

However, in our experience a shop vacuum is the easiest way to clean the ashes from a wood burning fire pit.

It is a lot easier to vacuum soot, ash, and small debris vs. using a brush and ash pan.

Do fire pits keep you warm?

It is definitely a fact that fire pits do keep you warm.

A wood burning fire pit will average 800°F to 1100°F (around 600°C).

To provide perspective, aluminum and silver melt at this heat range.

The heat generated by your fire pit will fluctuate depending on a number of factors such as the type of fuel (wood vs. natural gas), size of the flame, and what your fire pit is made of as some materials are better at retaining heat than others.

Even the type of fire pit media you use will contribute to how well your fire pit keeps you warm.

For example, a wood burning fire pit with sand at its base will maintain and evenly distribute radiant heat better than a fire pit that does not have sand.

Other factors that will affect the warmth felt by a fire pit include how close you are sitting to the fire, and weather conditions such as wind and ambient temperature.

What is a fire pit mat?

A fire pit mat is specially designed to protect the area around a fire pit from popping embers, hot ash, and high temperatures.

Fire pit mats are also especially useful in protecting wood decks from escaping embers (note: fire pits should be placed on a stone on top of the mat, not directly on the mat).

Most fire pit mats are made of fire resistant materials and are coated in food grade silicon making them both safe and easy to clean.

Can fire pit rocks explode?

It is common to place rocks at the bottom of a fire pit for drainage and to maintain radiant heat.

Most people have no idea that rocks can explode in a fire pit, especially if they are porous or wet.

This is especially true when river rocks (from a nearby river) are used during the construction of a temporary camping fire pit.

The reason why fire pit rocks explode is due to water trapped inside the rock. When the rocks is heated by the fire, the water turns to steam and expands causing the rock to either crack or outright explode.

To avoid fire pit rocks from exploding, only use dry material and preferably less porous rocks such as lava rocks and granite. You can also use fire bricks, concrete, and fire glass.

Can fire pits get rained on? Do fire pits rust?

Fire pits are made for the outdoors and can get rained on.

However, this does not mean fire pits are immune to the elements.

Fire pits that have been made from steel without a protective coating or finish will be more prone to rust.

Likewise, the burner on propane gas fire pits can be effected by a buildup of moisture.

It is highly suggested to use a fire pit cover to keep your fire pit looking great and to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Final thoughts

While fire pits provide warmth and entertainment on a cold night, they can also add a stylish statement to your backyard or living space.

We hope you enjoyed the art fire pits and information in this buyer’s guide and hope you find the perfect fire pit to enjoy precious time with your friends and family.

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