Are You A Technophile

9 Signs You’re A Technophile

What is a Technophile?

First, let’s provide a technophile definition for those of you not familiar with the term.

The complete opposite of a luddite (aka Baby Boomers ツ), technophiles can best be described as geeks who are absolutely obsessed with technology.

Technophiles are early adopters and embrace technological advances without thought – they are that dedicated to “the cause”.

Unlike a technophobe who fears or even hates technology, technophiles see technology as a way to improve the world and make their lives more efficient.

Although technophilia can be a badge of honor, it can also get you in a lot of trouble as relentless technophobes and the responsibilities of the real world press in.

To keep things balanced, below are 9 signs to tell if you are a technophile.

9 Signs to Tell if You Are a Technophile
Are you a technophile?

1. Early Adopter Syndrome

You are an early adopter and always have the “latest and greatest” technology at your fingertips. As soon as a new gadget or device is available, you hit the stores (online of course) and swiftly whip out your credit card before you have even determined how the device will add value to your life. You love the buzz and the feeling of having something new to play with.

2. Multi Device King (or Queen)

Speaking of devices. Not only do you have the latest device, you have several of them. You’re known as being “that guy” who always has the latest cell phone, smart watch, and tablet within arms reach at any given moment. A true technophile will have multiples of the same device and will have no issue justifying why one phone is for apps and another is for productivity. Oh, and the third one is for talking with friends.

3. Your Network Is Completely Online

The lines between virtual reality and the literal world are blurred. You once would call friends and make plans to hang out. Now, you simply stay home and only connect via private chat rooms, text, or social ‘likes’. You would rather spend time playing with your gadgets, gaming, or online rather than “wasting time” making small talk. Quality interactions with other homo sapiens is no longer on your agenda as you ditch your real world friends for online connections.

4. Technophiles Use Complex Technology for Basic Answers

Technology comes before everything else for a technophile. Rather than doing simple math in your head or quickly scratching it out on a napkin, you instead pull up a scientific calculator on your smartphone.

5. A Password to Remember Passwords

You have so many passwords, and slight variations of each, it is nearly impossible to remember them all. Luckily, you pay a monthly subscription fee for a beefed up password manager, so you can have a single password to manage all of your other passwords.

6. Anxiety Induced by FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out)

You fear fellow technophiles will witness or experience something while you are offline. For this reason, you exchange sleep to spend more time surfing online so you can stay on top of everything. You get separation anxiety when you are unconnected to the digital world.

7. Keeping in Touch

You would prefer to have all social interactions go through digital channels. Texting is preferred over talking… voicemail left by others is immediately deleted. You keep up to date by reading the social posts of friends and family. When you do talk, you use shortened sentences laced heavily with abbreviations and acronyms.

8. More Screens Please

At home, you have the super geek setup. One screen is not enough. Instead, you purchase special video cards or adapters so you can have at least 3 monitors going at the same time – there is no better way to game and read up on the latest technology simultaneously.

9. A Technophiles Intervention – Withdrawals

You absolutely must be plugged in at all times and become stressed if you aren’t able to get online. You lie and come up with creative ways to conceal your burning desire for technology. You’ll even wait for others to go to bed so you can jump into your virtual world. If you haven’t had your daily dose of technology, you become depressed and experience symptoms of technophilia withdrawal.

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