Welcome! My name is Steve and this site is a collection of my thoughts and interests.

I work for a large company during the day to pay the bills, but I’m very entrepreneurial and am constantly looking for opportunities to exit the mundane 9-5 that embraces mediocrity.

To that note, I’ve dabbled in just about everything over the years including online marketing, startups, supporting small businesses, consulting, you name it!

Although I’ve been aware of Bitcoin for years, I was completely blown away by the advanced tech that is currently being developed by some of the worlds most brilliant minds… what surprises me more is how the mainstream media does not cover these new technologies that will literally change the world as we know it in the coming years.

My focus for this site will be to cover the latest developments in technology including artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, IoT, blockchain, blockless / DAG, and cryptocurrency – I’ve researched over 700 cryptocurrencies and have a lot of information to share. Various product reviews and how-to articles will also be at the core of this site, and I will also be sharing thoughts on what the future may look like.

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CMA: My words, thoughts, and opinions are my own and not my employer’s.