Alice in Wonderland Door Knob

Alice in Wonderland Door Knob That Actually Works

If you thought making an Alice in Wonderland door knob that actually works was impossible, or as the the talking doorknob would say impassable, think again.

Some very creative prop artists have recreated the iconic door knob from the movie and it is far from ordinary.

While the best part is this Alice in Wonderland door handle actually works, another perk is that it looks great and is truly a piece of doorknob art.


In the reviews, one person said they decided to buy a frame for this doorknob so they could hang it in their craft room as an art piece.

This is not just for hardcore disney fans that want to surround themselves with memorabilia.

The Alice and Wonderland working door knob is a perfect addition to your kids room, movie room, or even businesses that provide products or services to children.

Different colors of Alice and Wonderland door knobs.

Buying And Installing The Alice In Wonderland Door Knob

There are sellers on different platforms, but the best prices and options can be found on the larger online platforms.

For example, you can compare prices of Alice In Wonderland door knobs on Amazon.

Nearly all of these doorknobs are made of painted chip proof polyurethane resin.

Considering this is something you will use heavily, it is important to look for a quality version with good reviews.

After purchasing the doorknob in Alice in Wonderland, you will receive a kit for either one or both sides of your door depending on the version you bought.

Installation is simple.

Most kits offer an option to hang over your existing doorknob and include adhesive strips to lock everything in place. This option does not require you to disassemble the door.

Since door types vary, it is suggested to use the included hardware and switch everything out for a uniform look. Anyone with a screwdriver can install a door knob in less than 10 minutes – this type of project does not require a handyman.

Alice In Wonderland Throwback Scene With Talking Doorknob

If you have not watched Alice in Wonderland recently, here is the scene from the movie where Alice talks to the door knob:

There you have it, you can now own a piece of nostalgia by installing an Alice in Wonderland door knob that actually works in your house or business.

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