All In One (AIO) Keylogger Review

All In One Keylogger Review – Max Key Logger

Are you looking for the best keylogger monitoring software? Whether you are worried about a cheating spouse or protecting your children online, keyloggers allow you to monitor and record every activity on your computer and even have notifications sent directly to your email.

Max Keylogger is a great all in one (AIO) keylogger tool that performs all basic keylogging tasks and also has more advanced features for those with more sophisticated needs.

For example, in stealth mode, automatically record every website visited, IM chat, email, AIM, Skype, and Google search performed on your computer. Capture screenshots and keystrokes along the way for full control.

There is also a cool feature where you can prevent specified programs from running on your computer like chatting software, certain browsers, and even specific types of downloads.

If you are looking for a keylogger tool to monitor and protect your computer, check out

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