ASMR Lice Check Videos

ASMR Lice Check Videos That Are Super Satisfying

ASMR lice check videos will help you release any feeling of stress or anxiety you feel towards being checked for head lice.

Calming ASMR lice videos are subtle in their ability to provide the watcher relaxation and mild euphoria while learning about an interesting topic.

Latte ASMR School Nurse Lice Check

In this Latte ASMR lice check video, Latte is wearing scrubs and starts off by preparing the the school nurses office.

She takes care of administrative tasks, prepares the nurses office supplies, and cleans.

Latte then whispers a brief introduction about lice and how they live on the scalp, and goes on to explain full grown lice are the size of a grain of rice.

After introductions, Latte goes into a full role play where you as the watcher experience the lice checking process as if you are one of her students.

Latte starts by combing the hair and then uses a stick and comb pick to separate the hair line and look for lice.

She liberally applies a lice treatment solution and proceeds to use a fine comb in order to collect all lice and their eggs.

After this, Latter applies a final solution to ensure any remaining lice are taken care of.

The lice check ASMR video is brought to a close as Latte shampoos, rinses, and dries the hair and sends the watcher off with instructions to perform the lice checking process at home.

With over 14M views, you will surely love this lice ASMR video.

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Tingting Nurse Lice Check ASMR Video

In this tingly lice check ASMR video, Tingting starts off with a careful hair combing and powdering followed by a scalp massage.

Tingting then inspects the scalp and hairline for lice with her hands, and uses a special metal lice comb to search and extract lice more thoroughly.

Realistic ASMR Lice Check With Fake Lice

In this realistic ASMR lice check video, sesame seeds (lice) are poured and then massaged into the scalp.

Chopsticks are used to carefully remove the lice from the hairline, followed by a satisfying hands and fingers extraction.

Final Thoughts

Watching ASMR lice check videos should leave you feeling calm and relaxed and provide hours of interesting entertainment.

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