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Brookstone iConvert Sheet-Fed Scanner for iPads

The Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPads is a great way to turn your your documents, photos, and business cards into picture files which can then be stored directly on your iPad tablet.

Sure, there are apps which utilize the iPhone’s camera to scan documents.

However, these apps usually provide low quality results and it is always hard to hold your hand steady enough to capture the document in it’s entirety.

If you regularly need to scan receipts, photos, contracts, or any other important documents, you may want to consider picking up one of these iConvert iPad scanners.

At $150, the ability to tame your paper fetish may make this a wise investment.

Brookstone iConvert iPad Scanner

iConvert iPad Scanner Specs:

  • Scans at 300dpi for high-resolution images
  • Adjustable from 2″ to 8.5″ wide to fit all types of documents
  • Works with free app which can be downloaded from the iTunes Appstore
  • Easy wizard based scanning. Anyone can do it
  • Small and compact.  Weighs less than 1.5 lbs
  • AC adapter powered
  • Works with 3rd generation iPads, iPad 2, and iPad tablets

With phone app scanners becoming more and more popular, do you actually require another piece of hardware to lug around, or does this iConvert gadget prove its weight in convenience?

Please leave comments below with your thoughts.

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