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Buy Uranium Ore Online – No Joke

When I first came across a site offering to buy uranium ore online, I thought it was a joke. I always thought natural uranium ore was radioactive and caused health issues like cancer. Apparently, the potential health risks are outweighed by a very specific use case.

What is uranium ore and how is it used?

Uranium is a weak radioactive chemical element with a silvery gray color. Uranium ore is basically a concentration of uranium, or in short, it is a radioactive rock. Uranium is primarily used to create energy and is often utilized in fuel for nuclear reactors. However, uranium is also used in medical isotopes and a number of other ways.

Why would someone want to buy uranium ore online?

I had a number of ideas why someone would want to buy radioactive uranium ore. Most were nefarious, but the answer was quite simple.

People buy uranium ore as check sources for testing geiger counters.

Uranium ore, a naturally occurring radioactive material or “NORM”, is perfect for this task.

Example of uranium ore.

Where do you buy uranium ore online?

You are probably thinking, like me, that buying uranium ore requires a special license or must be bought through a lab or private source. I was surprised to discover that you can actually buy uranium ore on Amazon, and the uranium ore price is really affordable as well.

As an alternative to purchasing uranium ore rocks, you can also buy a united nuclear geiger test card as well as it serves the same purpose.

Disclaimer: These uranium rocks are not toys and could damage your health, so please follow safety precautions and make sure you dispose of it properly if you decide to sell or get rid of your uranium ore at a later date. In short, remember to use common sense if you decide to buy uranium ore.

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