Tim Sykes Penny Stock Program

Tim Sykes Penny Stock Program

Tim Sykes is probably one of the most well known and controversial penny stock traders in the game. He has been featured on every major news outlet including Fox, CNN, CNBC, ABC, and the New York Times not to mention hundreds of blogs, radio shows, and websites.

He became a self-made millionaire by age 21 and has coached hundreds of students in penny stock trading – they’ve earned nearly $10 million in the last 4 years. Pretty impressive! Read more about Tim Sykes Penny Stock Program

Monkeys Love Bananas

Do Year End Performance Appraisal Reviews Matter?

We are approaching year end which means many of us have to squeeze an entire year’s worth of projects, process improvements, cost/time saves, sales numbers, and ¬†other items that contributed to “the bottom line” into a year end performance appraisal review. But does it matter? I was at a happy hour with a few work […]

Get Around Social Car Sharing

Getaround.com Social Car Sharing Service

If you have a hot date and don’t want to show up in your 93′ Honda Civic pimped out with a hood scoop and mismatched body kit, Getaround.com is your answer.   Getaround.com is a innovative peer-to-peer social car sharing service. Rather than renting a car from Enterprise or Avis, you can instead rent a […]