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How Do You Get Money? Try Crowdfunding with GoFundMe

By Steve / 4 years ago

You may ask yourself “How do you get money” to cover medical bills, “How do I get funding” for a mission trip, or “How do I raise capital” for my new business? If you are looking for ways to raise money, you should strongly consider crowdfunding as a solution. In this post, I will explain what crowdfunding is […]

0 Shares Crowdfunding Equity Share Portal

By Steve / 5 years ago

If the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) is fully passed in early 2013, the doors will fly open for crowdfunding investors who would rather receive equity in a company than make a donation that only nets them a t-shirt or DVD souvenir. is looking to change the crowdfunding experience by offering […]

0 Shares – How to Pledge and Contribute to Projects

By Steve / 5 years ago

Finally, posted their first project and I figured what the hell, why not throw a few bucks at it so I can walk CrashCloud readers through the process. As a plus, my measily $5 is the first contribution or pledge the crowdfunding site has received; this must warrant a pat on the back or gloating […]

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