Alcohol Shot Gun

Check Out This Alcohol Shot Gun Liquor Dispenser

The alcohol shot gun is a great way to add fun and excitement to your next party. This gun for alcohol shots is also perfect for waitresses to drive sales and increase tips at bars and clubs. Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun Taking shots and drinking beer has been the same boring experience for generations. There […]

Alice in Wonderland Door Knob

Alice in Wonderland Door Knob That Actually Works

If you thought making an Alice in Wonderland door knob that actually works was impossible, or as the the talking doorknob would say impassable, think again. Some very creative prop artists have recreated the iconic door knob from the movie and it is far from ordinary. While the best part is this Alice in Wonderland […]

Tungsten Sphere Conversation Piece

Tungsten Sphere Conversation Piece

A tungsten sphere is a great conversation piece for your office, home, or classroom. Why? It is simply cool to look at. Everyone that sees a tungsten sphere sitting on your bookshelf or desk will naturally want to play with it and ask questions. Tungsten spheres are also a great way for teachers to educate […]