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Squidoo Is Closing It’s Doors – Acquired by HubPages

By Steve / a couple of years ago

Squidoo was a community led social platform that allowed users (aka squids) to create pages (aka lenses) for subjects of interest to them. These pages were essentially mini-blogs, where each lens could be dedicated to a particular topic. Squids were allowed to add products and advertising to their lenses, and they had the option to “cash out” or donate their profits to charity.


The Perfect Tweet Infographic

By Steve / 4 years ago

So what does the perfect tweet look like? Many factors can determine a tweet’s success such as character length, relevance, mobile accessibility, and use of images.   Whether you tweet for personal or business reasons, you must quickly attract and entice your audience. To do this, the Perfect Tweet Infographic below outlines some great tips […]


Introduction to Social Category

By Steve / 5 years ago

In the social category, we will cover: Facebook Twitter Google Plus (G+) LinkedIn YouTube Social aggregators Social apps and tools Anything else related to social media, news, or tools