Duplicate File Finder Cleanup Tool

Duplicate File Finder & Cleanup Tool

A simple duplicate file finder program will scan your hard drive for dupes. The best duplicate files finder will not only complete a scan, but will also remove the duplicates saving you valuable disk space and increasing your overall indexing speed.

If you constantly backup or store files between multiple devices, you may occasionally create duplicate files by accident. For example, this is very easy to do if you forget to clear your cameras memory card after transferring photos to you computer. Read more about Duplicate File Finder & Cleanup Tool

Google Browser Redirect Virus

Browser Redirect Virus Removal & Fix

How annoying is it when you search for something on Google, Bing, or Yahoo and you are instantly redirected to another page, usually one filled with spam or other nefarious sites? If this happened to you, changes are you may have the “search redirect virus”.