Charity Water - Clean Water – Clean Water for Developing Countries is a non-profit organization who has a single mission; provide clean, quality, and safe drinking water free of pollution to developing countries around the world.

You can tell Charity Water genuinely believes in their mission that water is life.

Not only is Charity Water a non-profit who stands behind a great cause, they are probably one of the most innovative and transparent non-profits I have come across.

Charity Water – The Cause and Effect of Clean Water

It is amazing to think how critical clean water is to underdeveloped countries.

Water not only needs to be clean and pollution free for drinking, but it also plays an important role in everyday life.

Consider an example where a new water well has been drilled for a local village:

  1. Those in search of clean water would typically spend several hours searching for a water source. Now this takes 15 minutes or less.
  2. Village residents use clean water to adopt and practice proper hygiene practices. Illness and disease is prevented or reduced.
  3. Residents form a water committee which provides leadership and management experience.
  4. Spending less time searching for water provides more time to benefit from water. Residents can now focus on farming and selling their goods at local markets.
  5. Children no longer take long journeys searching for water. Instead, they spend more time in school which relates to higher education success rates and increased opportunities for success.
  6. Other villages see the positive effect of having a clean water well. They begin the process to request their own water source. The cycle starts over.

What Percentage of Your Charity Water Donation Is Actually Donated?

Since the inception of, 100% of public donations to Charity Water directly fund water projects around the globe.

This is quite impressive considering many of our most popular non-profits spend upwards of 30% to cover salaries and administrative costs.

So how does Charity Water stay afloat if they take 100% of your donation and directly apply it to new or existing water projects?

The answer is simple.

Charity Water relies on a network of private donors, foundations, and sponsors to cover their operating expenses.

Everything from employee salaries, office space, and company equipment is taken care of, allowing Charity Water to focus on how they can best utilize public donations to support clean quality drinking water projects.

Charity Water Financial Transparency

Charity Water is extremely transparent. On their “About Us” page, examples of their financials dating back to 2007 are clearly accessible for viewing.

Some of these financial documents include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Salary Surveys
  • 990 Forms

How You Can Donate Through Charity Water & Provide Clean Water to Developing Countries makes it easy to get involved and donate clean water to underdeveloped countries.

You can:

  • Donate via credit card or PayPal.
  • Sponsor a water project and change hundreds of lives. A community water project can be funded for as little as $5000.
  • Donate $40 or more and receive a package of Charity Water goodies which can then be donated as a gift.

Water Innovation – How Charity Water Makes Water Sexy

Charity Water is brilliant. They took the colors yellow and black,  added a water jug image, and formed a simple yet effective brand presence.

This brand has been incorporated into their marketing and product offerings.

From the online store, you can buy everything from hats, Saks Fifth Avenue t-shirts, wristbands, ties, cuff links, playing cards… you get the picture.

Charity Water

All items are beautifully crafted to incorporate the Charity Water insignia.

Check out the website and please remember to share this article with others and spread the word.

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