Alcohol Shot Gun

Check Out This Alcohol Shot Gun Liquor Dispenser

The alcohol shot gun is a great way to add fun and excitement to your next party. This gun for alcohol shots is also perfect for waitresses to drive sales and increase tips at bars and clubs.

Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun

Taking shots and drinking beer has been the same boring experience for generations.

There are only so many ways to consume alcohol: straight sip, shot glass, mixed drinks… maybe mix it up with a keg stand or jello shot.

This is where the alcohol shot gun made by Barbuzzo Gifts comes into play.

Uses For The Alcohol Shotgun

The alcohol shot gun is the ultimate party pleaser for anyone who loves adult drinking mischief.

Whether you are partying with friends at home or pulling an all-nighter, there are countless activities, games, and creative ways to use the gun that shoots alcohol.

Bring the alcohol shotgun to your next:

  • hen or buck night
  • bachelor or bachelorette party
  • night club
  • 21st birthday party
  • college dorm and frat parties
  • pool party

Watch everyone’s face light up as you walk around with your alcohol shot gun dispenser blasting shots into thirsty mouths.

How to load a shot into alcohol shotgun.

Invent a whole new class of clever drinking games to keep the party going all night.

Remember, this is the squirt gun for grownups – there are no rules so have fun and be creative!

Alcohol Shot Gun Features

  • Load up 1.5 oz (44ml) of your favorite shotgun liquor, aim, pull the trigger and let the spring loaded plunger do the rest!
  • Heavy duty and built to last for years of frequent drunken use.
  • Made of food and alcohol safe plastic.

Where To Buy The Alcohol Shotgun

I have not seen the liquor shotgun at any of the big box stores and suggest buying the alcohol shot gun on Amazon.

With Prime, it will be delivered quickly just in time for your next party.

See The Liquor Lovers In Action

Alcohol shot gun used at a party.

Final Note

Drink responsibly and in moderation when using your alcohol shot gun.

Remember this product is not a toy and you should close your eyes during use – nobody likes getting a splash of liquor in their eye.

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