Desk Pets Tank Bot

Desk Pets Smart Phone Controlled Toys

Desk Pets offer some neat toys for kids and adults alike.

They are the first to create a micro robotic toys such as a race car and tank which can be controlled via your smart phone.

Whether you buy a CarBot or TankBot, you will receive a free Desk Pets smart phone app and adapter which plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device.

The built in battery and USB charger means you will not have to buy a stock pile of AA batteries or stock in Energizer.

Desk Pets are inexpensive, unlike real pets.

Desk Pets Tank Bot
Tankbot by Desk Pets

Desk Pets CarBot

This toy race car has four race modes which include racing, drifting, multi-player battling and shooting, and maze solver.

In the maze solver mode, your CarBot will maneuver around your creations and avoid obstacles.

Desk Pets TankBot

The TankBot looks like something you would see in Star Wars.

This mini-tank will navigate on its own without bumping into objects.

It has touch-less navigation and it’s eyes even light up.

Just like the CarBot, the TankBot can be controlled via your smart phone as well.

Desk Pets TrekBot

TrekBot is a hub-less stunt car that travels at 1′ per second.

Pretty impressive considering the TrekBot’s size.

This micro toy can flip and even do head stands.

Unlike the CarBot and TankBot, the TrekBot can not be controlled via a smart phone and instead comes with a USB remote controller and charger.

You can buy Desk Pets toys online at Brookstone and the Facebook Store.

Even though you will not have to buy batteries, these smart phone controlled toys range from $35 to $40 and are definitely not cheap.

Then again, how can you put a price on fun?

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