Devastating definition

A Devastating Definition You Won’t Find In Regular Dictionaries

Let’s be honest, looking up devastating definition in a regular dictionary is, well, really boring.

Why am I devoting an entire post to define devastating?

In short, I overheard someone jokingly ask their friend to define devastating while on the topic of politics – not surprising?

Surprisingly a lot of folks ask this question online so I created this fun explainer article to make the devastating definition a little more enjoyable for all of us to consume.

First, let’s take a look at the definition of devastating from old school dictionaries to understand how dry the definition usually is.

Devastating Definition

According to the cambridge dictionary, devastating definition means “causing great damage or suffering to something or someone, causing a lot of damage or destruction, or making someone very shocked and upset”. 

Probably the least favorite of mine, the good old merriam webster dictionary defines devastating as “causing great damage or harm, causing extreme emotional pain, or extremely effective or powerful”.

These definitions are devastatingly boring to read.

So what does devastating really mean?

Not Devastating

You are happily marries to your best friend.

Not devastating happily married couple


Your spouse is cheating on you with your best friend.

Devastating cheater

Not Devastating

You have a great job with an annual raise and bonuses.

Not devastating getting a raise


Your job sucks and the only perk is the free coffee.

Devastating no raise

Not Devastating

Minor earthquake, no biggie.

Not devastating minor earthquake


Absolutely devastating earthquake.

Devastating earthquake aftermath

If you are still struggling with understanding the definition of devastating, check out this video.

Video explaining what devastating means.

You have now been thoroughly stimulated with the devastating definition that did not come from one of those devastating dictionaries.

Hope you enjoyed!

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