Does Discover Have Metal Cards

Does Discover Have Metal Cards? The Answer Will Surprise You

Nearly all credit card companies offer metal cards.

Does Discover have metal cards?

You would think the answer would be yes, but unfortunately Discover no longer has metal credit cards in their product line.

Discover did offer a metal card for a limited time. Read on to learn more.

Discover had metal cards in the past

Years ago, Discover Card sent me a letter offering a metal credit card.

I figured there was a catch or some sort of fee, but as I read the offer it seemed pretty straight forward.

Discover was simply offering a metal credit card free of charge to a select group of their customers.

Shortly after responding to the letter, I received the metal Discover card in the mail.

Front of Discover metal card
Front of my actual Discover metal card

My experience

My metal Discover More card was beautiful and really well made.

On the back of the card was a thin plastic coating containing miscellaneous printed items including an embossed credit card number and security codes.

The front of the card was a metallic blue color with an interesting wood grain texture.

The metal Discovercard was the perfect weight, being heavy enough to know it was not made of plastic, but not too heavy like competitor cards.

Dozens of cashiers made comments about the card over the years, and I definitely understand why metal cards are appealing to those that seek exclusivity.

For me, the best feature of Discover’s metal card was its durability.

I usually have a plastic card replaced before it expires as the numbers rub off or the magstripe wears out.

This was never an issue with the metal Discover card.

It was solid, and I was satisfied with its quality.

The metal Discover card was discontinued

Without notice, I received a standard plastic replacement card in the mail.

I checked my metal Discover card and sure enough, it was set to expire the next month.

In the Discover app, there was no option to select a metal card, so I called customer service to request the metal version to be sent.

After battling with the voice response, I finally spoke with a customer service rep (CSR) and asked two questions:

  1. How do I destroy my metal credit card?
  2. How do I get a metal Discover card replacement?

The CSR was shocked to hear my questions. She advised she has worked for Discover for 6 years and just recently started receiving inquiries about Discover’s metal cards.

Apparently, Discover had only offered a metal card to a small group of card members as part of a beta program.

If I had to guess, it was likely a campaign to see if having a metal card increased customer spend.

In short, the CSR did not have any insight in how I should go about destroying the metal Discover card.

The CSR also told me Discover does not have any metal cards in their entire product line (including the perceived Discover it metal card), and they are no longer offering metal replacement cards.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Discover does not have metals cards, so I will have to reacclimate back to using a traditional plastic card.

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