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Dreamforce 2012 After Party List and Social Event App

Lets be honest. You are attending Dreamforce 2012 this year to learn a few new things and find out what will release soon, but it is what happens after hours that truly entices you to make the trip. It is not the free beer and liquor that lures you in but rather the “networking opportunities”… right? Right.


A few Dreamforce 2012 after parties have already been announced, and several more will surely be advertised in the coming weeks as Dreamforce 2012 approaches. Below are a handful of Dreamforce after parties and I’ll add additional posts as more social events spring up.


Dreamforce Appirio Mobile Party App

Our friends at Appirio and CloudSpokes created, a mobile friendly website to track Dreamforce after parties and events. A few Dreamforce events have already been listed. Check back often for updates.


Masterpieces 2012 – The Dreamforce Marketing and Sales Party of the Year

The Marketing Alliance will host a Dreamforce after party at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (aka SFMOMA, 1/2 block from the Moscone Center) on September 18th from 7pm to 11pm.  Food and cocktails will be served.


I attended this Dreamforce after party last year and it was pretty good. Get a table towards the back of the building early before they fill up. Also, make sure you RSVP sooner than later as +5,000 signed up last year but only 2,500 were provided tickets. Sign-up for the Masterpieces 2012 Dreamforce after party and remember to tell others you will be attending via LinkedIn. Dreamforce After Party

Two separate after parties are being hosted by Their first Dreamforce After Hours Party will be held at 25 Lusk on Thursday, September 20th  from 7pm to 1am. Before you fly out on Friday, attend their Get Your Rehab On “Say Goodbye” party at B Bar Yerba Buena Gardens from 830am to 1130am.


Appirio Dreamforce Party at SFMOMA

The Appirio Dreamforce after party has a great reputation as being the best Dreamforce after hours event of the year. This after party will be held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (aka SFMOMA, 1/2 block from the Moscone Center) on September 19th from 10pm to 2am.


Astadia Cloud Connection Dreamforce After Party

On September 20th from 9pm to 1am, Astadia will be hosting the Cloud Connection Dreamforce after party at City View at Metreon. There will be live music, dancing, and plenty of free alcohol. To attend, print off an invitation and bring your Dreamforce 2012 badge or business card, or, stop by one of the booths on the DF expo floor to pick up a ticket:


  • Astadia
  • Eloqua
  • Drawloop
  • Readtalk
  • Informatica
  • Adobe


Pliny The Elder Home Brew Off Dreamforce After Party

I do not have a whole lot of information for this social event. The Pliny The Elder Home Brew Off appears to be an after party for the home brew niche. The event will be held on September 20th from 8pm to 10pm at the ROE San Francisco night club.


Please leave comments below and share this list of Dreamforce after parties. What DF parties will you be attending this year?


The 2012 Dreamforce Modern Marketing Mixer

Added: August 16th 2012

Eloqua, Netprospex and Influitive are throwing a Dreamforce Modern Marketing Mixer just before the Dreamforce Red Hot Chili Peppers Gala concert on September 19th from 530pm to 830pm. This DF mixer is being held at The Great Room at the W Hotel which overlooks San Francisco and is only one block from the Moscone Center. Cocktails and canapés (aka fancy finger food) will be served and make sure you get your picture taken at the Smilebooth.


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    1. Hi James, thanks for being the first to comment on this blog! As we get closer to DF2012, I’ll start posting updates on Twitter. There will be plenty of meetings with the SF crew and some of our vendors, but this year I’m really going to focus on “breaking out of the shell” to meet new people as well.

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for the plug. I just RSVP’d myself and also updated this post to include the Modern Marketing Mixer event details. Please share this list of Dreamforce 2012 after parties with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers and feel free to reach out with anything else you think CrashCloud readers would be interested in (i.e. contact form located in footer of site).

  1. Steve,

    Arrowpointe just put out a great new mobile web app for Dreamforce at Lists parties, activities, restaurants, etc. and maps out directions for getting to them so you don’t waste time.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, is the best list of Dreamforce after parties, events, and nearby places I’ve seen so far. The design and functionality of this site reminds me of the Dreamforce agenda builder.

      Its ironic that I have nearly completed a similar post where I’ll be providing my list of Dreamforce after parties, events, and places to eat and drink near the Moscone Center or Union Square. It looks like most of my spots are covered in but there may be a few additional DF spots. Make sure to check back in a couple days. I’ll be posting on Twitter during the DF conference so please follow and share. Only 11 days left until DF!

  2. The Zuora Block Party – Sept. 20th – Mint Plaza

    Block Party [blok][pahr-tee] noun: A large public party in which many members of a single community congregate, either to observe an event of some importance or simply for mutual enjoyment.

    We’re closing down Mezzinine, Mint Plaza and the surrounded streets for a blow out block party — We’re creating a San Francisco street festival of our own!

    Register at

    1. Hi Hannah, I’m looking forward to the Zuora Block Party. Thanks for adding this comment, I also included the Zuora Block Party information in my recent post, Steve’s Dreamforce 2012 list at

      I’d say a good majority of those attending Dreamforce 2012 have no clue an entirely separate “tech” conference is being held on Monday… I came across this by accident. I was already flying in the day before DF12 (Monday) anyway and the fact that this conference is free made it a no brainer. On top of that there will be a Zuora Subscribed 2012 conference after party and block party later in the week. Done and Done!

      p.s. You should follow Crash Cloud on Twitter. I’ll be posting updates throughout both the Zuora 2012 and Dreamforce 2012 conferences.

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