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Dreamforce 2012 Charging Stations & Work Spaces

If you are attending Dreamforce 2012 next week, you may be wondering if you will be able to find a relatively quick and easy work space to catch up on business email and conduct meetings. Outside of finding a place to work virtually at Dreamforce, you may also be worried about whether your battery guzzling smart phone, laptop, or tablet will make it through the long haul.

Sure, there will be multiple lounge areas and charging stations throughout the Dreamforce conference (make sure you bring your power adapter). However, you will be competing with +50k other Dreamforce attendees. Luckily, there are a handful of alternatives to ensure you can both find a place to work and charge your iPhone, iPad, Droid, or other devices at Dreamforce 2012. Make sure you scroll down to option threewhich is my personal preference.

Dreamforce 2012 Charging Option #1 – DF12 Provided Charging Stations

This is the most obvious option. Bring a power adapter for each of your devices and utilize one of several Dreamforce provided charging stations. This is the easiest but most time consuming way to charge your battery at Dreamforce. I suggest buying a travel power strip to turn one power outlet into many. Considering Dreamforce 2012 is just around the corner, check out your local Target or even Walmart. They usually carry a couple brands of travel power adapters and you won’t have to pay for expedited online shipping.

Dreamforce 2012 Charging Option #2 – Extra or External Battery

If you have an extra battery, bring it. If you don’t, or your phone’s battery is built in like mine (i.e. Droid 4), you may want to buy an external backup battery. The Targus backup battery can quick charge your smart phone 3-5 times or provide your iPad 5-10 hours of additional use. Not bad. Rather than missing a Dreamforce session, this external battery will allow you to charge your smart phone or tablet while you are in one. Again, if you don’t want to pay for express shipping, check out your local big box stores. Although I try to avoid Walmart at all costs, I was forced to make a trip the other day and actually saw the same Targus battery backup I linked to Amazon above. It was about $15 more expensive in-store vs. online, but some times you have to pay for convenience and assurance.

Dreamforce 2012 Charging Option #3 ( combo) – Check Out is an innovative company who connects nomadic workers (e.g. freelancers) with businesses who have a surplus of space. They understand the painful process of trying to find a good spot to work and charge up at Dreamforce. When I say good, I mean no more sitting on bean bags while thousands of people walk by, no more hunching over to “multi-task” during sessions, and no more long walks back to your hotel so you can work in peace. Skip the Dreamforce headache and make your way to the Dreamforce 2012 event.


When: During Dreamforce 2012, Sept. 18-21st from 730am to 530pm

Where: Desks Near Me Hosted Coffee Shop @ 678 Folsom St. – Google Map

Why: will be providing a big space with free coffee, power outlets, desks and much more. I recently caught up with founder and CEO (or SheEO as she puts it), Michelle Regner, and she advised her company wants “to meet all the travelers and attendees in need of a place for FREE to work or relax and of course learn about how they can benefit from Desks Near Me”.

Additionally, Michelle indicated they will be launching a new site and mobile app right before the Dreamforce 2012 conference so make sure to stop by and check everything out.

So what option(s) will you be using to grab a work space or charge your smart phone or tablet at Dreamforce this year? Are you going to utilize the Dreamforce charging stations, bring an extra backup battery, or take a short trip to

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