Dreamforce 2012 Volunteer Work

Dreamforce 2012 Volunteer Work & Philanthropy

Salesforce.com puts on an extravagant production each year with their annual Dreamforce conference.

Whether you are a seasoned DF pro, or this will be your first time attending Dreamforce, a week of information and sensory overload may stress you out. 

If you need a short break from the Dreamforce grind, why not try something new while giving back to the community?

All Dreamforce 2012 attendees can set up volunteer activities directly in the DF12 agenda builder.

Salesforce organized their Dreamforce 2012 volunteer opportunities by locating them in pre-designated volunteer zones on Howard Street right in the middle of Moscone North and South.

Project Night Night

Tuesday, September 18th (11am-2pm)

Help Project Night Night put together “night night” kits for homeless children.

Wednesday, September 19th (2pm-5pm)

Help the Bayview/Hunters Point Neighborhood and the American Red Cross build earthquake preparedness kits.

Thursday, September 20th (12pm-4pm)

Work with Playworks to create anti-bullying banners and other supportive material for local school in south San Francisco.

Dreamforce after parties, mixers, and cocktail receptions are not the only place to network at DF12.

These Dreamforce 2012 volunteer activities will provide a relaxed environment and plenty of time to socialize and network with a diverse group of business professionals.

So what do you think? Is a selfless act worth separating from the traditional Dreamforce setting for a few hours?

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