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If you have a hot date and don’t want to show up in your 93′ Honda Civic pimped out with a hood scoop and mismatched body kit, is your answer. is a innovative peer-to-peer social car sharing service. Rather than renting a car from Enterprise or Avis, you can instead rent a car directly from someone locally.


Renting A Car

Rent cars from real people in your neighborhood. Daily and hourly car rental rates are available to fit any occasion or need. Each rental includes insurance (liability, collision, property damage, and uninsured motorist protection). You can also complete your rental via the iPhone car rental app. Those without iPhones can use the standard website to complete their car rental.


Renting Out Your Car

According to, car owners only utilize their cars 8% of the time. Considering cars depreciates in value over time, it makes a lot of sense to rent out your car and make few extra bucks on the side. To ensure your car is treated well, screens their drivers to ensure they fit specific eligibility criteria.’s rating system is also a great way to qualify ┬áboth the renter and the rentee.


If you have used a social car sharing service, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

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