Hidepad iPad VPN

Hidepad iPad VPN App – Protection & Anonymous Internet

Hidepad is a virtual private network (VPN) which secures and protects your iPad from hackers and viruses.

This iPad VPN app will protect you while surfing public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, airports, schools, or even work.

Hidepad iPad Public Wi-Fi Protection

If you use your iPad on public wireless networks, information travels wirelessly such as your email address, websites, and passwords.

With just a few tools, snoopers can hijack this information in transit.

Hidepad protects this information by encrypting all data that leaves your iPad.

Hidepad iPad VPN Protection

Hidepad iPad Encryption & Security

Hidepad utilizes government-grade VPN encryption technology.

Any information, email, website, or application your iPad sends, receives, or utilizes is secured with NSA standard 128/256 bit encryption.

This is the same stuff your banks use to protect your valuable information.

Hidepad Anonymous and Private Internet

Through a technique called “cloaking”, Hidepad hides your internet activity from advertisers, employers, jealous spouses, and even your very own Internet service provider (ISP).

Hidepad Website Liberation

Does your employer or school block access to certain websites?

This iPad VPN app unblocks websites and programs otherwise blocked by your local admin.

Hidepad Speed & Lag-time

Your information is protected heavily with government grade encryption, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your iPad’s speed or responsiveness.

Hidepad is security without the lag-time.

Hidepad Compatibility

Hidepad is compatible with both the iPad and iPad2.

Hidepad Price

The Hidepad VPN software is $8.99 a month.

What do you think?

With most iPad apps ranging between $.99 and $5 for a one-time download, is Hidepad iPad protection really worth a recurring $8.99/month?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts, especially if you’ve used Hidepad with your iPad.

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