What does the word laundro mean?

Unfortunately, nobody knows what laundro means as it is not a word.

It is highly likely you were searching for something else.

Below are a few resources for laundro that should assist you with your search.

Laundro the short film

Laundro is a short 15min film from the director Vanessa Shaver.

This psychological drama is centered around Eve (Shaina Silver-Baird) who finds herself in a laundromat after possibly committing a crime.

Any additional details will ruin the plot, so you can find more information about the laundro movie on IMDb.

Laundro definition

Laundro technically is not a word, but the word laundro is often used when someone is referring to a laundromat (aka laundrymat).

A laundromat is a large room filled with self-serve commercial washing machines and dryers which are usually operated using coins or phone apps.

People bring their clothes to the laundro when they do not have a washer or dryer at home, or when they need to wash larger items like bed comforters that will not fit in their small dryer.

Searching for Laundromat?

When using the small keyboard on your phone, it is easy to complete the search too quickly before the entire word is spelled out.

Or, the word laundro can be used accidently when referring to a laundromat.

The most common use of the word laundro is when searching for a nearby laundromat.

Example of a laundro


The word laundro is not a word, but it does have other meanings and uses.

There are several reasons why someone would search for laundro which consist of:

  • the laundro movie
  • a misspelling when searching for a local laundromat
  • when looking for a definition of laundro.

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