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Risk Free VPN Trial… That Doesn’t Suck

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows users to securely and discreetly share data through public networks. Similar to how a firewall protects your computer’s data, VPNs protect your computer online and give you complete freedom to unblock websites, avoid IP bans or restrictions, and ultimately surf the web with no boundaries.

You may require a VPN to:

  1. Bypass your work computer filters to access sites like Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter
  2. Play games on your school’s network
  3. Discreetly access your business files while on a public WiFi connection, like Starbucks
  4. Avoid IP bans related to gaming with bots

Do you fit into one of the examples above? If you are looking for a free vpn trial, something that you can “try before you buy”, VPNAce may be right up your ally. VPNAce offers free VPN Trial accounts that allow you to test the waters without making a full commitment up front.

You’ll be setup in less than 5 minutes and if you decide to extend your free VPN trial, the monthly service charge is only about $7/mo.

If you are looking for a iPad VPN, check out our review of Hidepad here.

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