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Pet Cloud for High Tech Dog Walkers

If you are trying to figure out how to start a dog walking business, Pet Cloud is the perfect high tech solution to keep you operations running smoothly. Some may think a pet services company is a cinch to run, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any business, you still need a way to communicate with clients, schedule appointments, track sales, and process invoices. Attempting to manage this manually via spreadsheets and paper forms could be a second job all on its own. The PetCloud dog walking app for business owners does all of this and more!

Pet Cloud homepage dashboard

Getting Started With Pet Cloud

To get started, signup for a free account – it takes about 1 minute. From there, you input customers and setup the dog walking services you offer. For example, you may create one service for 30 minutes of dog walking at a flat rate of $15, or 60 minutes for $25. You can even offer addon services and group rates. The amount you pay your dog walkers is baked into this cost making tracking efficient for the business owner.

Pet Cloud - how to add a service

Dog Walker Appointments and Scheduling

Add each of your dog walkers into the system. When creating a new appointment, select basic information like date, time, and service/price, and then assign that appointment to a customer and the corresponding dog walker for that session.

You then have the ability to track dog walking appointments by date/time or via staff members providing the service.

Pet Cloud scheduling and appointment setting

Mobile Pet Walking App for Tracking on the Go

Available for both Android and Apple devices, the dog walking mobile app offered by Pet Cloud helps you easily track all appointments from your smartphone. Keep on top of your staff members and what is in the pipe today. Customers have the ability to schedule appointments directly and utilize other cool features like GPS tracking and photo verification to feel confident that their pooch is in the right hands.

Pet Cloud mobile app

Easy Automated Invoicing and Payment / Staff Management

Unlike a lot of business invoicing solutions which force you to create templates and manually generate invoices each month, Pet Cloud takes a different approach with their automated invoicing and payments. Select a max date for all unbilled services and click the “Generate Invoice” button – done!

With seamless Stripe Payments integration and the ability to automatically charge sales tax, invoicing and payments couldn’t be easier.

Pet Cloud - one click invoicing

Dashboards and Reporting to Stay on Top of your Business

When you first log in, you are presented with a dashboard that provides a pretty thorough overview of your pet walking company performance. It provides high-level summaries for number of users, unbilled vs. invoiced amounts, and even appointments currently in the sales pipeline.

To provide an idea, below are the reports and insights available through PetCloud’s interface:

  • Invoice Summary
  • Appointment Details
  • Recurring Appointments
  • PetCloud Billing
  • Staff Audit Report
  • Booking Request History
  • Customer Balances
  • Staff Common Minutes

Analytical Insights:

  • Top Revenue Customer & Revenue Breakdowns
  • Dormant Customers
  • Business Pulse
  • Customer & Employee Monthly Reports
Pet Cloud dashboards and reports
Pet Cloud analytics and insights

Simple Pricing and Super Service

Pricing couldn’t be more affordable. The first 50 services are free. Once you’ve met that threshold, you pay just $0.08 cents per service. If you only provide 60 services a month, the fee would be less that $5. There are no hidden fees and you can even get cheaper appointments with volume discounts.

Pet Cloud pricing


If you are are looking for a better way to manage your dog walking business, give Pet Cloud a shot. After taking their platform and mobile app for a spin, you will quickly understand why this service is essential. With a price of free, you can’t go wrong, especially for small dog walking companies. Try PetCloud to see if it works well for your business… if all goes well, remember to share this article so others can try them out too. ⇓⇓⇓

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