Pyramid Silicone Cooking Mat

Pyramid Silicone Cooking Mat For Perfectly Cooked Food

Traditional silicone mats are great for cooking as they are reusable (unlike foil) and easy to clean.

However, flat silicone cooking mats do not prevent foods from baking in their own sloppy wet mess of fluids.

Let’s use chicken as an example.

Chicken is best when it has a thin crispy outer layer while the meat inside is juicy and succulent.

This can be hard to achieve when using a mat place on a flat cookie sheet surface, and this is why the pyramid pan silicone cooking mat is a perfect solution.

What is a pyramid silicone cooking mat?

The pyramid raised baking mat is very similar to standard silicone cooking mats.

The only difference is the pyramid pan silicone cooking mat has over 500 silicone pyramids that separate your food from the bottom of the pan.

This creates a raised cooking surface that other products do not offer.

Pyramid Silicone Cooking Mat Is Amazing
Pyramid pan silicone cooking mats come in two colors.

Benefits of using the silicone pyramid cooking mat

The raised pyramid silicone cooking mat has some key advantages over standard reusable cooking mats:

  • Heat is evenly distributed to cover all surfaces of your meat for more even cooking results.
  • All fats, oils, and liquids are whisked away to the bottom of the pan or cookie sheet.
  • Fat is separated from the meat for healthier cooking.
  • Meat does not sit in its own liquids.

Watch the following video and you will see the benefits and how this cooking mat compares to similar products.

Watch the pyramid pan silicone cooking mat in action.

Pyramid pan silicone cooking mat features

These pyramid mats are:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Easy to roll up for saving drawer and cupboard space.
  • Good to cook anything up to 428F.
  • Made of premium high quality and odorless silicone.
  • Trimmable to fit any size as needed.
  • BPA free

Other uses for pyramid silicone mats

Pyramid cooking mats are perfect for cooking meat, but they have a number of other uses as well:

  • Use to bake cookies, brownies, or other moist desserts.
  • Bake dog treats (animal treats).
  • Dry and cure herbs more evenly.
  • Use in a food dehydrator.
  • Turn the mat around to make pyramid chocolate bars

Closing thoughts

Silicone pyramid cooking mats have key advantages over regular silicone mats.

Pyramid mats cook more evenly by allowing heat to reach all surfaces, and they prevent your dish from sitting in its own liquid juices.

We all have to eat, so why not make the cooking process more healthy and more enjoyable?

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