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Reward Tag – Electronics and Toshiba Laptop Recovery

I was at the mall the other day and saw a guy in the food court typing away on his laptop.

He had placed the computer on the ledge while he ate and after receiving a call, he got up and left without his laptop.

As he walked by I pointed out he forgot his laptop and although he looked embarrassed, you could see the appreciation on his face.

I’m purely speculating that a good percentage of people these days will pocket a found device without trying to get it back in the hands of it’s rightful owner.

Naturally, I saw a need and started to research whether a lost and found recovery service existed.

I came across Reward Tag, a recovery service for lost and stolen electronics.

Reward Tag Lost Recovery Service

What Are Reward Tags? How Do RewardTags Work?

A Reward Tag is a durable, custom label that you can place on your valuable possessions such as electronics, purses, travel passports, etc.

Each tag lists a “Return for Reward” message with a website and unique ID.

When the person who finds the device enters the ID online, they will see your personal message and options for the reward you are offering.

They select their reward and you get your device back.

With the example above, the food court guy would have been looking for a Toshiba laptop recovery service had I not given him a heads-up.

If he had a Reward Tag and I wasn’t there, the person who found the device would have been incentivized to return this guys expensive Toshiba laptop.

How Much do Reward Tags Cost?

You can get 4 Reward Tags for $10, or 14 Reward Tags for $30.

The chance you could recover your lost laptop or expensive smart phone is completely worth the $2 bucks a tag in my opinion.

Check out these innovative lost device recovery labels and never have to worry about finding a Toshiba laptop recovery service (like the food court guy) or posting a “lost” message on Craigslist again.

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