Serve $25 for Free Promotion Promotion – Setup a New Account and Get $25

I recently wrote about how an American Express sister company,, is providing prepaid solutions and a digital wallet to compete with similar offerings by Visa and Paypal.


In partnership with Verizon, is running a private marketing campaign. If you sign up for a new account (which happens to be free) and make a one-time load of $25 or more, will match your contribution; you get $25 for free!

This promotion will expire on September 30, 2012. Again, this is a private marketing campaign and the promotion is not being advertised on the main site. To be eligible for this marketing promotion, you must register at If you were trying to decide whether you wanted to add one more card to your physical and/or digital wallet, there is no better incentive to test drive than now.


If you end up creating a Serve account, please leave a comment and provide your initial thoughts.

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