SingularityNET ICO Details

SingularityNET ICO Starts Decentralized AI Marketplace

I have been following since it was first announced and am really excited about this project!

The same guys behind the Sophia AI Robot are about to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund their our new blockchain-based artificial intelligence network called SingularityNET.

Other AI companies like Nvidia and Google create their own private AI products in silos. This prevents AI’s from communicating data to one another and leveraging complimentary skill sets, and most AI’s today are built for a specific purpose which hinders¬†extensibility and¬†interoperability.

SingularityNET is is taking the decentralized approach by introducing a Global AI Economy for everyone. AI developers from across the world will create AI Modules that specialize in just about everything from creating art or music to manufacturing and beyond. These AI Modules will then be available on the SingularityNET Marketplace, and people can then buy these modules on-demand. Think of this project as “AaaS”, or AI-as-a-Service.

What’s cool about this new AI Marketplace is the fact that AI’s will be able to communicate with each other through newly developed protocols. This will lead to what I call “automation on steroids” as the public and private sectors leverage low-cost interconnected AI’s. Literally anything a human can do will some day be supported, or even done better and more efficiently, by these AI humanoids.

Before we get into details regarding the SingularityNET ICO, below is an interview with Dr. Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics. Don’t let the hat fool you – this guy is brilliant and has the credentials and experience to backup his vision.

SingularityNET ICO Details

Details are still pending confirmation. The Singularity Team (SNT) just redesigned their website and have promised an update soon via conversations on Telegram.

  • ICO will be launched Nov 29th – Dec 8th, subject to change
  • 1 Billion AGI Tokens will be created, half of the tokens will be reserved by the SNT for future development, bounties / rewards, and core team.
  • SingularityNET will first launch on the Ethereum platform during the testing phase. SNT will look at all options as they move to live production; (personal favorite of mine) and EOS are on the list of considerations.
  • It is unknown at this point whether folks in the United States will be prohibited from participating in the ICO. Additional limitations like high BTC / ETH buy-ins and “accredited investor” requirements may be imposed. Myself and others have expressed an interest in keeping SingularityNET community focused, meaning anyone should be able to participate within the confines of the law of course.

How to Learn More and Get Involved

This project is a global game changer and is exciting to watch everything unfold. Imagine being one of the first people to follow the creation of the internet – this project is literally at that level and will change how the world works as a whole. To learn more and see what you can do to contribute:

  1.  Go to Check out their white paper, signup for their newsletter and whitelist, and research their core team and advisors. The site also lists various presentation decks and blog posts that will get you up-to-speed with the project.
  2. Join SingularityNET on Telegram. This platform provides a direct connection between the SingularityNET team and the community of supporters and AI devs. There are really bright minds in this group and tons of thought-provoking dialog.
  3. If you are an AI dev, start thinking about what you would like to develop. Not an AI dev, start thinking about AI needs and partner with AI devs to bring your ideas to life.
  4. Circumstances willing, directly support this project by buying AGI tokens (there is risk involved, use your human brain before jumping in) and/or supporting the ICO’s success.
  5. Get the word out and share this article on your own social media accounts.

I hope this article helps fill in some of the gaps and gets you just as excited in the project as I am. Within the next two weeks, the SingularityNET ICO should go live and we will be one step closer to the AI Revolution.

Steve Author