Slack Outage Connection Issues

Slack Outage and System Issues

Just nine days ago, we wrote a comprehensive guide on how to check a Slack outage status and system availability.

Fast forward and there was a Slack outage today… Slack had major connection issues.

When most enterprise communication platforms have issues, users can expect to experience a few minutes of interruption.

System issues often times start off as slow or degraded performance and then manifest into error messages and connection issues.

It is rare for a enterprise communication tool like Slack to have an outage or system disruption last for more than an hour.

Slack status menu indicates there are connection issues.

Today, Slack experienced connection issues for most of the business day and into the evening.

The Slack outage was even disruptive enough to gain attention from various news outlets.

At the time of this article, Slack is reporting 1% of users may be experiencing trouble connecting to Slack.

You can see from the image below that the Slack issue has been active since 9:30 AM MST.

Slack outage explanation

Although system outages and platform performance impacts are embarrassing for a company like Slack, it comes with the territory.

We are confident Slack will fix these issues, resolve the outage, and bounce back to full capacity shortly.

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