HubPages Acquiring Squidoo

Squidoo Is Closing It’s Doors – Acquired by HubPages

Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages! Squidoo = decommissioned ☹

Squidoo was a community led social platform that allowed users (aka squids) to create pages (aka lenses) for subjects of interest to them. These pages were essentially mini-blogs, where each lens could be dedicated to a particular topic. Squids were allowed to add products and advertising to their lenses, and they had the option to “cash out” or donate their profits to charity.

Over the years, Squidoo has built a dedicated cult following. They’ve had ups and downs, especially when Google released some of their famous animals and Squidoo scrambled to keep their site relevant and alive in Google’s eyes – this led to the removal of Squidoo lenses without notice which definitely alienated and soured a portion of Squid community.

Squidoo was founded by the popular Seth Godin in 2005. After nearly a decade long run, they announced today that Squidoo is being decommissioned and has been acquired by HubPages. Within the next few weeks, all traffic from Squidoo will automatically be redirected to relevant pages on Hub Pages. Squidoo will fully close it’s doors in September or early October.

In the interim, there is a Squidoo to HubPages conversion tool which allows Squidoo lenses to be transferred to HubPages. Check out the images below to get a glimpse of what your should expect during the Squidoo to HubPages conversion process.

Squidoo Closing Doors Acquired HubPages


HubPages Squidoo Conversion Getting Started

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