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If the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) is fully passed in early 2013, the doors will fly open for crowdfunding investors who would rather receive equity in a company than make a donation that only nets them a t-shirt or DVD souvenir. is looking to change the crowdfunding experience by offering non-accredited crowdfunding enthusiasts the ability to invest and obtain equity in technology startups and other businesses.

Once the SEC rules and regulations for how crowdfunding equity models should work have been finalized, StartupValley will inform their pre-registered beta users and the full website will go live.

Startup Valley Crowdfunding for Equity Portal

Most crowdfunding portals allow different types of startups to be submitted.

This includes those seeking crowdfunding funds for artistic and even theatrical ventures. has defined a crowdfunding niche and their focus will primarily be technology and business related startups.

If you are interested in raising crowd funding for a Facebook app, social app, website, social networking, medical technology, high tech sciences, or solar energy technology, is a perfect fit.

To date, 41 people in the crowd plan to invest over $365k in technology startups on StartupValley’s crowdfunding portal.

That is pretty incredible considering the site is currently in beta and nobody can say for sure whether the JOBS Act will even become a reality next year.

Would you consider signing up for a crowdfunding site who’s crowd-based business model is dependent on the JOBS Act being passed?

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