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Steve’s Dreamforce 2012 List

Type “Dreamforce” in this site’s search bar (top-right corner) and you will see I’ve posted several articles related to Dreamforce 2012. This post is a bit different as it will serve as my personal reference for all Dreamforce after parties, DF events, and places to grab a bite or a beer which surround my hotel, the Sir Francis Drake near Union Square, or the Moscone Center.


Just because this post serves my own selfish needs, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it. Most Dreamforce 2012 attendees are staying in a hotel located near the Moscone Center or Union Square. If you fall into this category, the below DF2012 information is a good resource for you as well.


In full disclosure, I’ve attended several Dreamforce events in the past, but I make no claim to my knowledge of the area. I’ll be trying out many of the restaurants, pubs, bars, and coffee spots listed below for the first time this year at DF2012.


If you are a San Francisco native or have good familiarity of areas surrounding Union Square or the Moscone Center, please leave recommendations below in the comments section.


Dreamforce 2012 After Parties & Events


Monday, September 17th


  • Who: Subscribed 2012 Conference by Zuora
  • When: 9am to 6pm
  • Where: Ritz Carlton, 600 Stockton St.
  • Info: This is actually a separate conference unrelated to Dreamforce 2012. I’m flying in on Monday, the day before Dreamforce, and signed up for the free Zuora conference to see what it is all about. Search this site for “Zuora” if you would like to see my post regarding this conference.





Tuesday, September 18th






  • Who: Deloitte After Party (private – invite only)
  • When: 8pm to 11pm
  • Where: ROE, 651 Howard St.


  • Who: Klassy Cocktails and Karaoke by Kell Partners
  • When: 8pm to 12am
  • Where: Butter Bar, 354 11th Street (cross streets are Folsom and Harrison)
  • Info: The site claims this is for non-profits only. Considering the other DF after parties close out at 11pm, it may be worth attempting to crash this gig for another hour of networking and free drinks.


Wednesday, September 19th



  • Who: Dreamforce Global Gala Concert with Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP)
  • When: 630pm to 10pm
  • Where: City Hall, 1 Polk Street





  • Who: Accenture (private – invite only)
  • When: 11pm to 2am
  • Where: Ruby Skye, 420 Mason St. (Geary St. and Mason St.)


Thursday, September 20th




  • Who: Enterprise Corporate Sales Reception by SFDC & Google (private – invite only)
  • When: 7pm to 10pm
  • Where: Town Hall, 342 Howard St (between Beale St. & Fremont St.)








Friday, September 21st



Places Near Moscone Center – Eat. Hydrate. Beer.







Places Near Sir Francis Drake and Union Square – Eat. Hydrate. Beer.

Sorry, even when I’m on company dime I still prefer hole-in-the-wall spots.






Dreamforce 2012 Mobile App – After Parties, Events & Places 

Dreamforce 2012 Lounges – Free Wi-Fi, Coffee, & Power Outlet Charging Stations


Well, that is it for now. I hope you are able to utilize this list to help organize your Dreamforce 2012 activities. Feel free to add anything I missed in the comments below. Please share this link with your friends and business colleagues and see your at #DF12!


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    1. Thanks for sharing Jason! I just registered so we’ll see if I “get picked” to attend. If I do, I’ll add it to my list. See you at Dreamforce.

    1. Hi Graham, sorry for the delayed response. I don’t live in SF… flying home this afternoon. I compiled this list from various sources I’m glad to hear you liked it.

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