Get Funded Funding Requester Cynthia Kline – How to Pledge and Contribute to Projects

Finally, posted their first project and I figured what the hell, why not throw a few bucks at it so I can walk CrashCloud readers through the process. As a plus, my measily $5 is the first contribution or pledge the crowdfunding site has received; this must warrant a pat on the back or gloating rights in social circles.


Lets discuss the project. Cynthia Kline wrote a book called “The Spreadsheet”. She is now taking themes from that book and incorporating them into a mobile app called “The Spreadsheet App”. This app will allow woman to track their dating experiences and interactions with men in an attempt to decipher what men are dating material vs. those that are relationship material.


I absolutely do not understand the point of this app, but maybe that’s because I’m a guy? Maybe this is a digital diary of sorts. I’ll probably never know but at least I’m only out 5 bucks.

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