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The perks of being a home-based  business owner, independent contractor, or freelancer is not having heavy overhead. All you need is a desk, laptop, and wireless router and you now have the tools required to run most home-based businesses. Best of all, you do not require expensive real estate and office space like your competitors in the medium to large-sized business space. Your virtual workspace is simple and extremely cost efficient.


Occasionally, you may not want to conduct business out of your home-based cyber office. For example, you may be trying to close a deal with an important business client. Your virtual workspace is great, but does your client really need to hear Sesame Street playing in the background while you negotiate contract terms?


Or how about when you are travelling? Anyone can conduct a meeting in a fancy 5-star hotel’s lobby, upscale restaurant, or airport lounge, but make sure you plan in advance as using public workplaces can come with surprises. I recently stayed at the Conrad Hotel in lower Manhattan NY. Read more about Virtual Workspace