Jazz Mafia Playing Live On Bikes

Dreamforce 2012 Free Music Festival & Live Bands

Salesforce.com is offering free passes to this year’s Dreamforce 2012 Music Festival. The music lineup will consist of 13 San Francisco-based bands and artists who will be playing at Dreamforce Plaza on Howard Street. The Dreamforce artists selected by Salesforce this year are a diverse mix of funk pop, jazz, blues, indie pop, rock, and various blends of reggae, hip-hop, and country.


Dreamforce Music Festival Live Band Schedule


Tuesday, September 18th


Union Square San Francisco

Steve’s Dreamforce 2012 List

Type “Dreamforce” in this site’s search bar (top-right corner) and you will see I’ve posted several articles related to Dreamforce 2012. This post is a bit different as it will serve as my personal reference for all Dreamforce after parties, DF events, and places to grab a bite or a beer which surround my hotel, the Sir Francis Drake near Union Square, or the Moscone Center.


Just because this post serves my own selfish needs, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it. Most Dreamforce 2012 attendees are staying in a hotel located near the Moscone Center or Union Square. If you fall into this category, the below DF2012 information is a good resource for you as well.


In full disclosure Read more about Steve’s Dreamforce 2012 List

Dreamforce 2012

Dreamforce 2012 Free Stuff, Helpful Information, Tips, & FAQs

Year after year, Dreamforce expands in size and becomes increasingly more extravagant. The Dreamforce experience can be a bit overwhelming, but luckily our friends at Salesforce provide great information allowing those of you who are new to Dreamforce to navigate the sessions and events like pros.


Listed below are Dreamforce 2012 freebies, tips, FAQs, and helpful information. For any useful Dreamforce information I missed, please leave a comment and share your own DF2012 tips with others. Read more about Dreamforce 2012 Free Stuff, Helpful Information, Tips, & FAQs