Perfect Tweet Blueprint Infographic

The Perfect Tweet Infographic

So what does the perfect tweet look like? Many factors can determine a tweet’s success such as character length, relevance, mobile accessibility, and use of images.


Whether you tweet for personal or business reasons, you must quickly attract and entice your audience. To do this, the Perfect Tweet Infographic below outlines some great tips and best practices. These tweeting tips will ensure your audience gets the most out of your tweets. Below is a quick synopsis of this Twitter infographic.


Twitter Engagement

Acknowledge¬†and engage people with the @mention. Use the @handle to reply or direct your message to another Twitter user. You may say something like “@DanielTosh you are looking pretty skinny, do you have the manorexia?”. Remember to also reply to @mentions to keep the conversation going. Throw in a #hashtag or two to reach Twitter users outside of your circle who follow those #hashtags. If you are tweeting for business, consider sponsoring your tweet as a Promoted Tweet to reach even more followers and potential customers. Read more about The Perfect Tweet Infographic

Can Tornado Kill Cloud Computing?

Will Natural Disasters Kill the Cloud?

Slashdot recently posted an interesting infographic questioning whether a hurricane or other extreme weather conditions could take down cloud computing and a significant percentage of the internet as a whole.


It is true Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) recently experienced cloud computing disruptions and a short cloud service outage. In June of 2012, Amazon AWS customers were impacted when lightening struck causing a regional power failure. As a result of the Amazon AWS cloud computing outage, several high profile sites like Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram were impacted with several hours of down time. You can imagine how even a short cloud outage could dramatically impact this powerful foursome. Read more about Will Natural Disasters Kill the Cloud?