Hidepad iPad VPN Protection

Hidepad iPad VPN App – Protection & Anonymous Internet

Hidepad is a virtual private network (VPN) which secures and protects your iPad from hackers and viruses. This iPad VPN app will protect you while surfing public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, airports, schools, or even work.


Hidepad iPad Public Wi-Fi Protection

If you use your iPad on public wireless networks, information travels wirelessly such as your email address, websites, and passwords. With just a few tools, snoopers can hijack this information in transit. Hidepad protects this information by encrypting all data that leaves your iPad.


Hidepad iPad Encryption & Security

Hidepad utilizes government-grade VPN encryption technology. Any information, email, website, or application your iPad sends, receives, or utilizes is secured with NSA standard 128/256 bit encryption. This is the same stuff your banks use to protect your valuable information. Read more about Hidepad iPad VPN App – Protection & Anonymous Internet