Learning Thermostat

The learning thermostat will make gadget freaks ooh and aww while convincing the fiscally conservative minded folks to open their wallets. The Nest learning thermostat will program itself while educating you on how your home utilizes energy. This thing is cool! claims their learning thermostat can be installed in 30 minutes or less and if you aren’t handy, Nest provides installation services.


After your Nest learning thermostat is installed, you will answer a few quick questions to set the artificial intelligence in motion. You will first name your thermostat, select minimum and maximum temperatures for when you are away, and enter your zip code.


The Nest learning thermostat will now adopt to your schedule and energy use habits. Once you have had Nest installed for just over a week, Nest will know more about you then you know about Nest. One-off changes will not confuse Nest, but consistent changes over a few days will result in Nest adjusting its schedule. Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the house or try lowering your heat by a single degree at night. Teach Nest well and it will reward you. As Nest creates a relationship with you, certain features will become available.

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