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Steve’s Dreamforce 2012 List

Type “Dreamforce” in this site’s search bar (top-right corner) and you will see I’ve posted several articles related to Dreamforce 2012. This post is a bit different as it will serve as my personal reference for all Dreamforce after parties, DF events, and places to grab a bite or a beer which surround my hotel, the Sir Francis Drake near Union Square, or the Moscone Center.


Just because this post serves my own selfish needs, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it. Most Dreamforce 2012 attendees are staying in a hotel located near the Moscone Center or Union Square. If you fall into this category, the below DF2012 information is a good resource for you as well.


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Zuora Subscribed 2012 Conference Free

Zuora 2012 Subscribed Conference

If you are flying in the day before the Salesforce.com Dreamforce 2012 conference this year, why not add a free conference to your trip? The Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf are boring anyway.


On September 17th, the day before Dreamforce 2012 kicks off, Zuora is hosting the Subscribed Conference 2012. The Zuora Subscribed Conference is free and it is primarily focused around the subscription business industry. People would rather subscribe to services than buy products. This free conference will help you understand the subscription economy better and how subscription based services will positively impact your business model.

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