Archie McPhee Weird and Funny Products Catalog

The Ultimate Archie Mcphee Catalog With 19 Weird and Funny Products

Archie McPhee has been around for over 30 years peddling some of the most strange and hilarious products you will every see. Really, their products are out there, but people love them and keep coming back for more.

Whether its the Archie McPhee handi squirrel, handerpants, or their yodeling pickel, there is something that will make everyone chuckle and literally laugh out loud.

Let’s jump in to 19 strange and funny products from Archie McPhee.

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Archie Mcphee Electronic Yodeling Pickle

First up is the electronic yodeling pickle from Archie McPhee. Some people think its funny, others think its outright obnoxious. Either way, a pickle that yodels will will surely (don’t call me Shirley!) get attention and make people laugh. Buy the dress up pickle bundle pack to decorate your yodelling pickle for hours of endless entertainment.

Yodeling Pickle on YouTube

Bacon Flavored Floss

A bacon lovers delight – eat a pound of bacon in the morning and use this waxed bacon flavored dental floss to get the remaining bacon morsels out of your teeth.

Handerpants Underwear Gloves For Your Hands

Sick and tired of exposing your naked hands? Well, be a decent human and slip on some hander pants (aka handipants).

Handheld Chicken Noise Maker

Forget electronics, give a chicken noise maker to your kid and let them entertain themselves for hours as they peep, cluck, crow, and squawk.

Possum In A Peanut

Talk about random. This fun possum in a peanut fully functioning pullback toy car is awesome!

Bacon Bandages From Accoutrements

What better way to cover up that nasty scrape then with a bacon strips bandage.

Archie McPhee Gag Gift Box

Are there too many options and your not sure which absolutely pointless item to buy. Get a variety of items in Archie’s gag gift box set.

Archie McPhee Handi Squirrel

The handi squirrel finger puppets are a personal favorite. Who wouldn’t want to transform their hand into a squirrel? Enjoy hours of fun pestering your friends, or use it during story time with the kiddos. The handisquirrel kit comes with five soft vinyl finger puppets including four paws and a head.

The Archie McPhee handi squirrel in action on YouTube

Car Chicken Sunshade Visor

The chicken sun visor will make your car stand out in the summer heat.

Stress Manatee

Why squeeze a boring stress ball when you can release it all on a stress manatee instead?

Archie McPhee Racing Babies

Grab a baby pullback car and let these racing babies fly. What kind of person thought of this idea?

Cat Noise Maker

Cats are useless and the sounds they make are annoying. Now you can keep a cat meow noise maker in your pocket to annoy everyone.

Googly Eye Glasses From Accoutrements

These googly glasses wiggle and will make your eyes look huuuge!

Inflatable Tiara For Your Spoiled Brat

Give this inflatable tiara to your little brat to make them feel special.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Everyone has worked with or lived by a crazy cat lady. What better way to shame show someone you think their fascination with cats has gone to far then to get them their very own crazy cat lady action figure. This cat lady figurine comes with six cats and the design is spot on!

Crazy cat lady action figure actually being played with on YouTube

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder And Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder Package Deal

The horse head squirrel feeder was a hit, and now there is a unicorn head squirrel feeder. The best part, they come in two pack. Fill these hollow heads with seeds or nuts and watch as the squirrels come out of nowhere to eat and observe these bizarre head feeders from accoutrements. I will say, watch the video below for a good laugh, this horse head squirrel feeder is a brilliant product… well done.

Horse head squirrel feeder on YouTube

Archie McPhee Candy

Archie McPhee does not just sell funny and weird products, they also sell equally odd candy varieties as well. Whether you fancy some middle child mints, mac and cheese flavored hard candy, or some sour pickle balls, Archie has something for every taste and weird desire.

Is There A Archie McPhee Store – Where Is Archie McPhee Located?

Archie McPhee sells their strange items online, but there is also a Archie McPhee physical store location in Seattle Washington. If you are ever in the area, make sure you stop by as this will be one of those odd life experiences you will never forget.

Final Note

Archie McPhee is truly in a class of its own and one of the few gag gift stores left. Their products are funny, strange, weird, and everything in-between but that is ok – it’s what makes them unique. In today’s world, we need to laugh more and enjoy the quirky things in life.

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