Tungsten Sphere Conversation Piece

Tungsten Sphere Conversation Piece

A tungsten sphere is a great conversation piece for your office, home, or classroom.

They are intriguing to look at, and everyone that sees a tungsten sphere sitting on your desk will naturally want to play with it and ask questions.

For example, after striking up a conversation you can explain that tungsten is a natural and rare earth metal that is extremely dense, meaning it is heavy for its size like gold and uranium.

As an interesting fact, you could go on to explain that the word tungsten comes from the Swedish language and “tung sten” means heavy stone.

Seriously, a 2″ tungsten sphere can weigh over 3 pounds (2″ tungsten cubes weigh over 5lbs).

Tungsten spheres are also a great way for teachers to educate their students about density.

Tungsten spheres are typically alloyed with other metals as tungsten by itself is very brittle and hard to transform into complex shapes like spheres.

Most tungsten spheres available online are machined from aerospace grade tungsten and range in size from 1-4 inches.

A polished tungsten sphere is a fun way to teach density while impressing the most sophisticated science buff or desk toy connoisseur.

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